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DB Car Shade Tiger & Zebra 2pk


$179.00 TTD 

Dreambaby® Car shades are a great way to protect children (and yourself!) from the sun's harmful rays when going for a drive. The Adjustable Tiger and Zebra Car Window Shades fit on both stationary and wind down windows. These car shades are not only safe, but they look great too! Super cute zebra and tiger designs decorate each one.

Adjustable Tiger and Zebra Car Window Shades are suitable for stationary or wind down windows. Unrolls to approximately 35.7cm (14.06”) wide by 48cm (18.9”) high.

Easily attaches to windows with heavy-duty suction caps.
Rolls up easily when not in use for convenient storage.
Adjustable length.
Available in packs of one or two.
Locks into position.

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