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9oz Straw Cup

SKU: SA30310
Ages; 12m+/
9oz /

BPA free/

The Sassy Silicone Straw Cup promotes a natural drinking position and does not interfere with the developing pallet of a young child. With a simple 2-part silicone straw design, the Sassy Silicone Straw Cup is easy to assemble, clean and store and best of all, baby sips naturally without spills! Offered in bright, bold, fun colors, your child will love drinking from this cup! Plus, its BPA-free and dishwasher safe!

Additional Product Details

Soft, flexible silicone straw is gentle on gums & teeth

Easy-to-clean, assemble & store

Interchangeable lids fit all Sassy cups, and handles work with all non-insulated Sassy Sippy Cups

BPA-free & Top-rack dishwasher safe