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The multifunctional mat for the youngest family member will grow with the child. At the beginning, a soft, pleasant mat is a place for a baby to observe the world around him, and over time, the baby starts to be interested in colors, toys, and surrounding objects. The mat is made of a material that is easy to clean, has great graphics and colors.

Application of the 5in1 mat:
- a bed for a baby with a pillow and arches
- playpen
- place for balls and other toys
- a place for crawling
- mat laid flat

The mat will prove itself when the child cannot sit independently. Lying on his back, he can reach for toys and practice the ability to grasp toys, while lying on his stomach strengthens the muscles of the spine, which positively affects the later posture.
An enclosed mat, i.e. a playpen, is enough to lift the walls of the mat (they are fastened with Velcro) to create a play area for a sitting or crawling toddler. The balls included in the set will make the fun even more fun.

Set contains:
- mat
- 30 colored balls
- soft material toys (elephant, giraffe, flower)
- plastic hippo
- wheels for hanging toys

- folded flat 97 x 106 x 1.5 cm
- height of the side walls 19 cm
- headband approx. 60 cm
- pillow 35 x 12 x 7 cm
The mat is always taken into account when completing the baby layette. This set will be perfect because it has many practical solutions, is comfortable, easy to clean and, above all, grows with the child. The Jokomisiada store is equipped with a large selection of mats for babies. The set is packed in an effective packaging, it will be perfect as a gift.

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