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Nail Clipper w/Magnifier-Pink

SKU: PP7914
Ages; NB+/

Nail Clipper includes 5x magnifying glass, as a result, parents can clip nails with precision.
Above all, with the high-powered magnifying glass, you don't need to worry about hurting your baby's finger anymore. Primo Passi's nail clipper features a rounded blade, perfectly sized for little one's nails. In addition, it gives you more precise, smooth and clean snipping. The soft, easy-grip handle is comfortable to handle and allows for greater control on your baby's delicate fingers.

Our special Baby Nail Clipper is available in three different colors: blue, pink and grey, so select your favorite one and take care of your baby with peace of mind.

Product features and care:

Easy-grip handle

Child-sized for little hands

Sterilize clippers with alcohol

5x magnifier

Soft handle for more comfort

Gentle on little fingers

Available in three colors