Sort & Spin Shape Sorter


$199.00 TTD 


6+ months

Explore shapes, colors matching and sorting with the Sort & Spin Shape Sorter. Each time the top opens, a new shape will face towards baby, keeping her engaged and making shape sorting fun!

The Sort & Spin Shape Sorter promotes early STEM learning by teaching a child about:
- Shapes
- Colors
- Matching
- Sorting
- Differences
- Open / Close
- Planning

Additional Product Details

  • Put all the shapes in, press the plunger on top, and watch as the cover spins up and opens, presenting all the shapes to take out!

  • Different materials and surfaces stimulate baby's sense of touch and teach them to recognize new objects.

  • Easy to store! All four shapes store neatly inside the shape sorter

  • Sort by color or by shape.

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