Trike w/Canopy

Fortune Traders Limited


Is a stroller cum tricycle for your kids. What is better than having a stroller for your kid with peddling in it. So, as your kid grows, he can ride his stroller cum tricycle by himself with peddling it. Being very pocket-friendly, this tricycle is full of features that your toddler is going to love. With a canopy, it provides protection to your kid from the harmful sunlight and UV rays. Also, you are going to get along the parental handle to push this stroller cum tricycle. It is a very cool and funky tricycle that serves multiple purposes. Whether you want to go on a walk or want your kid to enjoy a tricycle ride, whether you want to take it on vacation or use it while you are shopping, this tricycle is perfect for all the scenarios. Being foldable, it becomes pretty easy to carry this tricycle along with you. It will acquire very little boot space for your car. You can even lift this tricycle easily because of its lightweight. As this is a stroller cum tricycle, it is suitable for 3-year to the 6-year old baby. When he has small legs, and he can’t reach the peddle, you can use it as a stroller. And as he grows old and his feet become large enough to peddle, they can ride it as a tricycle. Along with the development of the visual skills of your baby, with this tricycle, they are going to improve their directional and motor skills as well. It has sturdy and long wheels to provide a perfect balance to kids while riding it. Also, kids learn how to balance by themselves after riding this tricycle on their own. This tricycle will be the perfect companion of your toddler right from their birth till they grow old.

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