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Animal Stool

SKU: FTS29432
– With sturdy wooden legs and a comfortable elasticised sponge filled seat, the stool is covered with a
removable and washable soft fabric animal cover, double stitched for extra strength.
– Handcrafted stool with Removable soft fabric cover and socks that cover the ends of the wooden legs.
– Natural earth colours,
– No bleaches,
– No Printing.
– Chemical-free fabric: No pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and no flame retardants.
– Sturdy and Strong: Crafted and manufactured from solid wood

– 29 x 29 cm seating area surface provides a comfy place for feet or legs rest too.

Animal Cover Fabric Care :
– Hand wash recommended (30 degrees or lower). Mild detergent.
– Machine wash: Machine Wash on gentle / eco. Please do not use hot water (40 Celcius and over)
– Recommend using laundry bag. Use a mild detergent.
– Dry naturally as a tumble dryer will shorten the life span of the material.
– Please do not bleach.
– Suitable for girls, boys, toddlers, kids, children and even adults