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Bassinet-Soothing Motions

Ages; NB till sitting up/

Extra-cozy bassinet with calming sway motion generated by you or your baby!.
Customized soothing with light projection, calming vibrations, and 30 minutes of gentle music and sounds.
Overhead mobile with eye-catching friends.
Removable control unit can be used a tabletop soother as your baby grows.
Flat sleeping surface, mesh sides, nightlight option, and convenient storage area.
Imported from USA (Sizes & Specifications are based on the USA Market).
The Soothing Motions Bassinet from Fisher-Price has everything
to help your baby drift off to sleep in comfort. Your baby's
natural movements (or a gentle push from you) gets the bassinet
softly swaying, along with the overhead toys on the mobile.
Customize the soothing to best fit your little snoozer with
dual-mode lighting, including soothing light projection, soft
music and nature sounds, and calming vibrations. Best of all, as
your baby grows, you can remove the control unit and use it as a
tabletop soother in the nursery! Where development comes into
play Sensory: A variety of music and sounds, calming vibrations,
and swaying motion engage your baby's developing senses. Security
& Happiness: Soft padding, calming vibrations, and gentle swaying
help soothe your baby and become part of the nap and bedtime
routine, giving them a sense of security. Use only with a child
who is unable to push up on hands and knees, pull up or sit