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Breast Pump Manual

SKU: FTS32396
Packaging Includes:
1 x Full Set Manual Breast Pump with Feeding Bottle/

Please don't use it in microwave.
Please clean the pump before collecting breast milk, disinfection with boiled water up to 3 minutes.

When collecting milk, use breast pump cup cover the breast, gently press the handle till milk flow into the bottle.
• Repeat this action until the right amount of milk collected.
• Directly feed baby with the feeding bottle, or pour into milk storage bag and immediately store in the freezer.

• Compact and lightweight, easy to use.
• Acupoint massage point give a mother soft effect during the process.
• Provides strong suction and labor-saving, allows you to personalize the strength you pump to meet your need, stimulate milk secrete or quickly pump it out.
• Simply attach the device onto your breast, and you can start collecting milk, very light and perfect for traveling.
• Steam Sterilization or boiling water disinfection should be in 5 minutes.