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DB 8oz Sippy Bottle Flamingo

SKU: SB81094-P12
Dr Brown's Options+ Sippy Spout 8oz Baby Bottle - Flamingo

Transition from bottle to cup one sip at a time with Dr. Brown's Milestones Narrow Sippy Bottle. Perfect for introducing baby to a sippy spout, the Sippy Bottle replaces the bottle nipple with a soft silicone spout on the Dr. Brown’s bottle that baby is already familiar with. Plus, the sippy spout fits any Dr. Brown's Options+ Narrow Bottle after the internal vent system is removed.

The Milestones Sippy Bottle is the first step when transitioning baby from bottle to cup, taking weaning one sip at a time.

Choose from a range of playful prints!
All parts are sterilizer and dishwasher safe (top rack).
8 oz/250 ml, 6m+. BPA free.