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Fabric Book-Jolly Baby

SKU: FTS32191
Ages; 6m+/

See The World Through Your Baby's Eyes. Eyes are your windows to the world - but they're not too clear at first, That's why high contrast toys are so important.
This Soft Cloth Book Is A Toy Specially Designed for Babies,It's a book that he can actively touch and feeling, Because the baby's first book will greatly affect his feeling and interest in the book. Just like the cloth book, it feels so soft and bright colors contrast, smooth lines that it will make the baby like it all at once. In addition, it can't be torn, which fully meets the baby's desire for exploration. And it can be washed.
As An Early Education Development Toy, there are also many mysteries in the book, which are used to catch the baby's eye and promote his visual and auditory development, Like this kind of crinkle paper, squeak and animal tail, they are a wonderful way to stimulate important key skills, such as exercise fine movement, Cultivate visual development, Improve concentration and sensory skills. These skills will be beneficial for your baby as they grow up.
How Do You Play? You can hang the soft book in the crib,stroller or gym before the baby is 6 months old, Its highly contrasting white, black and red patterns and lines can promote the baby's visual development, Different fabric can also exercise the baby's sense of touch, When the baby is 6-12 months old, you can put the cloth book in his hand so that he can fully press, pull, bite and play freely.
Customer Satisfaction is Top Priority, The newborn book not only a hand-eye coordination but also a hanging toy, a high contrast stroller toy, a hearing development toy. A touch and feel book. I'm sure you can speak‘Perfect first book!'|‘Great tummy time toy,'|‘Neck strengthening exercises toy for a baby.'