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Party Game Dodge & Duck

SKU: AM270193
This fun spin on dodgeball will have everyone ducking, dodging, and do anything they can to stay away from the balls! Split players into two teams, and have them put on the red or blue hook-and-loop vests. Each is printed with a target and has ties on the sides for a comfortable fit. Next, hand out the colorful fabric balls and let teams toss the balls at their opponents, trying to get as close to the bullseye as possible. The balls will stick to the vests and are made of soft fabric for a kid-safe dodgeball game they'll love! Suitable for 4 players.
Duck & Dodge Game includes:

2 red vests, 11 3/8in wide x 22in long
2 blue vests, 11 3/8in wide x 22in long
6 red balls, 4in diameter
6 blue balls, 4in diameter