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Gerber ORG Face Blanket Boy

SKU: 12226113BB01OSZ
Size; 30'' x 30''/

Bring a great big smile to your little boy's face with this adorable organic animal face blanket. He'll enjoy looking at the friendly face of a forest critter smiling back at him as you cover him up. The whimsical, 3D design details make this blanket stand out. It's made with organic 100% cotton jersey too! Produced without the use of harsh chemicals, you can rest easy knowing your giving him the best. The fabric is soft and comfortable. Wrap him up in this cozy blanket anytime you need some added warmth. It's perfect for keeping him cozy at an outdoor gathering with friends or a walk around the park with mom on a cooler day. Cleaning is easy with the machine wash and dry fabric. You'll never need to pamper this blanket on laundry day. This blanket makes the perfect gift for spoiling a very lucky grandson!