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Leachco Swankle-White

SKU: L755-W
One of the many battles that pregnant women often face is the battle against swollen ankles. That's why we created the Swankle. Not only does it provide adjustable elevation for swollen ankles, but it can also be used to provide targeted support wherever needed.

To help relieve swollen ankles, aching legs, and feet, place the Swankle between your box spring and mattress at the foot end of your bed and simply pull out or push in with the convenient carry handle to adjust elevation. For upper body elevation, place the Swankle at the head end of your bed in the same manner. Used separately, Swankle makes a great targeted support pillow. For doctor recommended side sleeping, place Swankle in front to support your growing tummy or behind to support your back. Even great for upper or lower body elevation, or as a backrest while lounging.

Place between box spring and mattress for upper or lower body elevation with no repositioning of pillows throughout the night
Use to elevate upper or lower body
Use apart from mattress for more targeted support
Carrying handle for convenient travel
Zippered removable cover
65% Polyester 35% Cotton
20 x 25 x 8.5 inches
2.8 pounds
For Adult Use Only