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Light Sup Panties Blk S

SKU: KC-CW000410X
Carriwell - White Full Belly Light Support Panties
Being pregnant can be a very uncomfortable experience, with the constant body change and growth. Just to make your life a little more comfortable and help you feel at ease Carriwell has brought you a line of Carriwell Light Support Panties.
When it comes to Carriwell comfort is definitely the key that is why to maximise comfort they have created extra stretchy leg openings, and light built in under tummy and lower back support. This is to gently support your baby bump and relieve pressure on your back and abdomen.

What's in the box:
x 1 Support Panty

- Designed to stay in place and not ride or roll
- Cotton gusset for maximum comfort and hygiene
- Seamless stretchy design is invisible under clothing
- Wearing of a panty liner will be secure and comfortable
- The ribbing on the back soothes lower backache in pregnancy
- The under belly ribbing gives gentle but effective lift and support
- Made from silky soft breathable fabric does not irritate sensitive skin