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Light Sup Panties Blk XL

SKU: KC-CW000413X
Size; XL/

When your comfort is essential the Carriwell Seamless Light Support Maternity Panty has numerous features to insure this throughout your pregnancy. The pantys are designed with extra stretchy leg openings; and light “built in” under tummy and lower back support.

Support: Light under tummy and lower back support; to gently support your abdomen and relieve pressure on your back and abdomen.
Comfort: Designed with extra stretchy fabric in the leg openings and the tummy area to gently expand as you grow.
Breathable: Made with super soft breathable microfiber fabric that does not irritate your skin.
Invisible: The seamless design means it will stay in place and not ride or roll so you can wear it under any T-shirt or top.