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Tooth Fairy Kit

SKU: PH83077
Pearhead tooth fairy kit includes everything you need to take your family's tooth fairy fun to the next level. Help your little one fill out their tooth journal to record all the important details of their tooth loss and write a sweet note to the tooth fairy on special stationary. Then place their tooth and note in the pocket on the back of the tooth pillow door hanger and send them off to dreamland.

Replace their note and tooth with a "tooth receipt" And a special treat or payment of your choice. Then sit back and wait for their joyful discovery in the morning! This unique and fun tooth fairy kit is sure to make losing their baby teeth a fun and memorable experience for your little one. Filling out the Journal and writing letters to the tooth fairy will allow them to practice writing and express their creativity, while the "tooth receipts" Will give you the chance to encourage and reinforce good brushing and flossing habits.

Pearhead tooth fairy kit is a fun kid's craft and activity that also teaches your child and helps them practice new SKILLS - what more could any parent want? Dimensions: 11.5" H x 16" W x 2" D (full packaged kit)/ 4" H x 5" W x 1" D (pillow)

Includes one tooth pillow door hanger with a pocket for lost teeth and notes, tooth fairy stationary, tooth receipts, stickers, and a tooth journal
Included "Official tooth receipts" Have space for the date, amount awarded, and tooth quality, Which make them perfect for ENCOURAGING healthy tooth brushing habits
My tooth journal" Includes diagrams for your child to color in which tooth they lost, and space for them to write in the date, their age, the story of how they lost their tooth and the reward they got for it
Dear tooth fairy" Letters and stickers make for a fun kids craft so your little one can express their creativity and write a unique letter to the tooth fairy every time they lose a tooth
Enough journal pages, receipts and stationary pages to use This kit for all your little one's baby teeth