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Game-Balance the ball

SKU: FTS17497
Ages; 3+/

Circular Labyrinth or Balance Ball is a game to get the 3 balls into the middle. Balls will not fall out but slip around the rings easily. Can you find the openings to guide the balls to the center?

CLASSIC GAME – SKILL AND PATIENCE. The Balance Puzzle Ball Maze will challenge, entertain and engage as you move the 3 metal balls to the center by twisting, turning and spinning around the obstacles to guide the 3 balls. This travel size game for kids is hours of fun.
GREAT FOR STRESS RELIEF – With steady hands and nerves of steel, tilt the amazing Balance Maze Ball in your hands. Race against time or against your friends. No batteries required for this time-honored ball maze toy.
DURABLE AND READY FOR TRAVEL – Need travel activities for kids or even Adults? Use at home or at play with the maze toy. Made of high quality Non-Toxic ABS and manufactured to the highest tolerances, the steel balls are captured in the maze and will not fall out.
HOURS OF FUN – Develop fine motor skills, cognitive skills and problem solving; offers goal oriented challenges and promotes concentration and self-esteem.
Assorted Colors

Specification: Size: 5.1*5.1*1.9 in (13*13*5 cm)

How to play: Swing the maze ball to move the 3 steel balls from one hole to other, through the paths, until they arrived to the center.

A) 3 balls should always be in the same path, otherwise, you lose control of the balls.
b) Steady hands and the power of concentration will see you prevail